Welcome to J. D. Institute of Fashion Technology

We the faculty and Management authorities at Jd institute, welcome all youngsters aboard, who have a “will to enter and excel the fashion industry”, who think that they can create a fashion revolution with their creative designs, ideas, aspirations, and a will to emerge out “ as number ones”. We have been promoting new talent to the world ( national and international markets, globally) for the past 25 years The fashion market at the national and international panorama is increasing at a maddening pace. With the export boom coming through in a very big way, the fashion scenario has received a big boost. Looking at the number of boutiques and studios springing up on the Indian soil, one wonders if our country is an agricultural one. Sensing the potential of the fashion businessmany Multinationals have entered into the fashion business. More than 25,000 jobs are generated every year in the fashion field. Stagnation in this field seems a distant far as the fashion market is growing at a tremendous rate. Hence any individual pursuing a career in this field can reap rewards both monetary and creative.

Jd institute ensures that the versatility and interest areas of the students, are nurtured, supervised, mentored in the right direction to make them shine like diamonds in their respective fields of study. Quality teaching is our motto, we ensure, that pre lesson plans are given to the students, so that come prepared with questions in the class,  lectures are theme based, comparative study and practical examples make the students learn faster, facilities like library, hands on latest machines, equipment, synchronization of idea based teaching, constant learning and self grooming environment, consistent evaluation, make the student polish their skill sets and stand tall and confident on the completion of their courses at Jd institute.

 The institute even arranges Hostel facility for students coming outside from Delhi to Study.

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